DSRmoto partners with Motoforza fairings and accessories!


Exciting news!

DSRmoto are now partnered with Motoforza fairings and accessories.

Motoforza are a Czech based fairing manufacturer that produce a huge range of fairings. They have a lot of experience in the motorsport World, working with WSBK, SSP, MotoGP, Moto2, Moto3 and Suter.

Motoforza is a partner not only for the racing teams, but also the many projects and works as suppliers of parts for the factories for established brands like. KTM, MZ, FGR, LOUIS, ALPHA technicians and others.

The company produces parts for more than 330 models of motorcycles, the list grows every year.

They will satisfy fans of various sectors of motorsport, which is an absolute rarity among manufacturers of composite parts.
They are: Supersport, Superbike GP, Old-timer, Cafe Racer, Naked bikes, or even Dragster, Sidecar and cars. (The selection is one of the largest in the world).

The popularity of Motoforza products is growing not only in their home clientele, but also in fifteen European countries, the US and Russia, where these products are exported. High quality is appreciated not only by ordinary consumers but also participants in the European and world championships.


I will be working to populate the site with their goods over the coming weeks (there’s a lot to go through) but if you have any requests, get in touch and I can give you a quote.

Motorcycle fairings in several variants

  • half fairings fuel tanks, bellypans
  • accessories (fuel tank covers, airducts, fenders, frame covers, swingarm covers, engine covers)
  • seat foam
  • brackets, rear frames
  • quick fasteners
  • thermo foil with fabric
  • and other accessories such as: crampons, plexiglass, roller protectors, holders, handlebars, heating belts etc.

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